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Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
Yahoo Groups:

The Sears Garden Tractor Group
A lot of members and information here. Participating in this club renewed my interest in Sears tractors.

David Bradley Suburbans
For DB 4 wheel tractors made between 1959 and 1965. A good place with info on how that clutch works.

Garden Tractor Sales without EBay
Avoid the hassle and cost of using EBay.

Tecumseh Engine Group
Tons of knowledge about all Tecumseh engines, not just those on the Sears Tractors.

* Most of the Yahoo tractor related sites were discontinued when the Neo software began.

Other interesting sites:
Garden tractor discussion board

Yesterday's Tractor Garden Tractor Discussion Board
Forum for discussion of all tractor issues.

Farm Collector Show Directory
Listings of tractor shows.

Free Farm and Garden Plans
These plans, some pretty old, will give you plenty of ideas.

Simple Tractors
A great site for Simplicity and AC Tractors. Someday I hope to have a site like this. Check out the section on salvage yards.

Briggs and Stratton Engines
Info about Briggs engines.

Precise Engine Repair
A lot of good information on small engines.

Wilson's Specalties and Supplies  *7/12

My Sears Tractor   *7/12
A site that is devoted to Sears Tractors

Repair Information and Parts for Sears:

Sears Parts Direct
Put in your model number and find exploded views of your machine right from the microfiche slides.

Manufacturers Supply
Lots of parts for small engines.

McMaster/Carr  *7/12
A place to get lining for the Sears brake bands.

Sten's Brake Material  *7/12
Someone recommended this for brake material...*I have not tried it, buy at your own risk.*

Carb Rescue
Get NLA Tecumseh carb parts and services here.

Ray's Mower Shop
I have a full page devoted to this mower junkyard in PA.

Fleet Alternator/Starter  *7/12
Generator/starter and electrical parts.

Starter Generator Information  *7/12
Operation and repair of starter/generators

Starter Generator Information  *7/12
More info on starter/generators

Rust removal method  *7/12
I've heard about it, but not tried it

Homemade Midmount Grader Blade for a Sears  *7/12
Discussion on

Homemade box scraper blade  *7/12

Tecumseh Ignitions *7/14
Can be technical, but totally factual.