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Gardenaid Tractors
I put this page together in hopes of finding more information about the Gardenaid brand of two wheel garden tractors. These tractors
were manufactured by the Eastern Tractor Manufacturing Corporation, Kingston New York. They were made from the late 1940's to
the mid 1950's, from what I know at this point. My interest in the tractors began when I found pictures of my grandfather using a two
wheel tractor to tow an old wagon. The picture was taken in Lovell Maine, where my grandparents had a lodge: Ware's Center Hill
Lodge. I also found some pictures of my father operating the tractor in New Jersey after the lodge in Maine was sold. I posted these
pictures on the internet, not knowing what type of tractor it was. Many people wrote back, saying they knew the brand. I didn't know
it at the time, but only one person was correct--it was a Gardenaid. While researching information on the machine, I found that there
were many other two wheel garden tractors made during the time period. The Gardenaid was unique in that the engagement lever on
the flat stock handlebars was made of wood. Other tractors had the engine that slid back and forth to engage and disengage the drive.
Others had the brace on the handlebars and flat steel handlebars. But no other that I have seen so far has the bowling pin shaped
engagement lever.

In January of 2001, I received a message from a very kind member;of a Yahoo! tractor club who had read my message requesting
assistance. He had found a Gardenaid tractor, just like the one in the photos! He purchased it for me, sight unseen on my part. A
couple of days later I had it sitting in my garage. It is in fine shape, considering its age. All of the basic parts are there, even both parts
of the belt guard and the hitch pin. There were no attachments for the tractor. A little while later, I obtained a manual for the tractor on
E-Bay. Now I know what the attachments look like and how they mount. Now the search begins for some attachments! What I'd like
to begin with is restoration of the tractor. I will no doubt need rings for the NPR6 Briggs engine and new 5X12 tires. Too bad the old
ones are no good; they say Gardenaid on the sidewalls. I put 5 pounds of pressure in the tires to make it easier to move the machine. I
heard a sickening pop and looked down to see the inner tube protruding out the sidewall of one of the tires. The link below leads to
some photos of my tractor, along with the old photos mentioned above. I would like to speak to others who own or know anything
thing about these tractors. There is not that much written about the tractors, so whatever I learn I will document. I will construct a
website for the tractors when I have enough information to make such a venture interesting.

UPDATE 5/20/2001: A fine gentleman from Massachusetts contacted me recently and said he had the frame of a Gardenaid in his
junk pile. I quick weekend trip to that scenic state produced a complete lower frame, with good, loaded tires still mounted. The hubs
on both wheels are working. Many thanks to Kevin Shaw for his contribution to this project. A picture of the frame was uploaded to
the photo site.

UPDATE 11/22/02: Through the magic of E-Bay, I've come up with some original sales brochures for these machines. I've scanned
them and linked to the images. See the linked text, below left. I am on a continuous quest for information regarding these tractors.
Time restraints pose a problem at times, but I'll keep at it. Let me know if you have information!! One of the brochures also mentions
a Bready Tractor. I thought they looked similar.

UPDATE 6/3/04: Due to personal reasons I am not able to send manuals or answer much mail regarding these tractors. I wish I had
the time and resources to do so, but just don't. The site will stay here for as long as Geocities will allow and maybe someday I'll get the
time again.

UPDATE 4/7/06. I've seen some of these machines on E-Bay in the past couple of years. So they're still out there. Plus, every once in
a while I'll get mail from someone who has one. I had to move my photos, because the image storage site croaked. They should work

Update 1/13/12. Wow, time sure flies. I never got to do anything with my Gardenaid. It went to someone else who said they would
restore it. That all seems so long ago. My little daughter that I took a trip with to Kevin Shaw's house is now in college. I still have
some literature and the manual for the tractor. Now that storage space and bandwidth here is unlimited, I intend to scan and post them
for all to see. Keep an eye out for the links to the material. It's not a priority, but it will happen.
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