Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
Nostalgia is a great thing! Isn't it why some of us collect the old Sears tractors? For me, to hear the old Tecumseh HH motor barking to a start
always makes me think of days long gone by when the Suburbans were common on many larger lawns in my neighborhood. Of course those
memories are focused through rose colored glasses. It all comes to reality when it's ten degrees outside and that old starter/generator isn't spinning
the Tecumseh fast enough to get it to start. Well, the Nostalgia part is more fun anyway. :-)  

Another part of the Nostalgia for me was seeing the tractors at the local Sears store. In the store near me we (kids) were allowed to play on the
tractors. I remember the wonderful red paint of the Customs. The tires would squeak on the tile floor when you turned the wheels. Wow! Then they
had brochures for the tractors you could have. And I had plenty of them. Of course they were either thrown out or burned in the fireplace as I got
older and moved onto other pursuits.

The magic of E-Bay brings the brochures back within reach....and view. I've had the chance to purchase many of them over the years. A good part of
this website I've cobbled together over the years is made up of images they contain and other printed Sears material from the good old days. I
particularly enjoyed the splashy artwork on the 1968 brochure.  Here they are:
Note that the original Sears images hosted on this
site are intended to be used for educational or
reference purposes only. Owners of Sears
tractors often are interested in what
year their tractor was manufactured. Also of
interest to owners are the color
schemes and decals originally applied to the
tractors. It is the hope of the owner of
this site that the images may be of use to those
interested in restoring their tractors
to their original condition or who are merely
curious as to when they were made.
This site is strictly non-profit in nature. The funds
used to purchase the material on
E-Bay and to host this site are contributed by the
site owner at his personal