Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
I used to work at an old hardware store when I was just out of high school. The place had been there for years. People would
always say, "if they don't have it, it doesn't exist."  Well, there is a mower shop in Pennsylvania that could use this sentence
as their motto. I've never seen so many old mowers and tractors in my life.

I went to the shop recently after seeing it listed in the salvage yard area of another site. A tour of the salvage area (five acres I
was told) revealed some very old relics. Too many Sears Customs and Suburbans to count, David Bradley walking tractors
and attachments, Bolens, Wheelhorse and International garden tractors. They even had what was claimed to be one of the
first Snapper mowers, complete with a metal turtle head on the front. There were some pieces of equipment that I did not
recognize, either due to their rarity, or because they were home built.

The salvage tractor area (fields) are off limits now due to insurance liabilities, but the employees there have the equipment
categorized in their head. If they don't have a part in the building, they are sure to have it out in the field on an old tractor.

I made a separate page for this business because I was so impressed with the kindness I received from the employees when I
was there. No, I'm not being compensated for this page, it's just that a resource for parts this valuable should get all the
attention possible.
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