Vintage Sears Garden Tractors

For many people, the early Suburban tractors produced by Sears were the first four-wheel garden tractors they had seen. While
there were many other fine garden tractors at the time, some better in certain respects, Sears had the advantage of a high
profile nationwide business to gain exposure for their machines. The Sears catalog reached virtually every corner of the nation.
All customers had to do was to relax in the comfort of their home and select the tractor and attachments suited to their needs.
A quick phone call to Sears and the tractor and any desired attachment was on its way.

The early Suburbans can be identified by their exposed transmission. The drive belt for the transmission ran outside of the
frame. A lever positioned between the driver's legs was used to select forward, neutral and reverse. A variable speed selector
lever mounted to the right of the steering wheel was connected to sheave pulleys to select an infinite number of forward or
reverse ground speeds.

The three-point hitch used on these models bolted directly to the rear of the transmission. Front mounted accessories attached
to four mounting points on the front axle. A Channel type frame, open in the front, also provided a point for mounting
attachments. An optional wheel brake kit allowed the user to make sharp turns, just like real farm tractors.

These tractors carried the David Bradley name up until 1964. In 1964 and 1965 they were simply referred to as Suburban
tractors. Click on the below listed links to see images of the tractors.
1959 Suburban         View 2

1960 Suburban

1961 Suburban                                               
1962 Suburban 575

1962 Suburban 725

1963 Suburban 600                                             
1963 Suburban 725        2        3

1964 Suburban 600                                       
1964 Suburban 725

1965 Suburban 600                                                917.99080

1965 Suburban 8   View 2                                     917.99030 or 917.60644 Recoil  917.99040 or 917.60645 Electric

1965 Suburban 10   View 2                                    917.99050   or   917.60646
Old Suburbans 1959 to 1965
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