These pages, collectively known as Vintage Sears Garden Tractors (VSGT) are dedicated to those individuals who own, collect, or
restore old Sears garden tractors. Most of the information available here is for Sears tractors made in the '60's and '70's. These tractors
were built very rugged and many have lasted over 30 years. Sears can't provide parts for the tractors any more, so it is necessary for
those of us who own these tractors to network together for support.

I am just an enthusiast who enjoys these old tractors. I created this page with the intention of providing as much information as possible
to others who like Sears tractors. I enjoy talking to others who share similar interests. Check out the Links page to find other pages
related to this topic. If anyone knows of a site not listed here that may be beneficial, send me an E-mail with the information and I will
consider posting a link.  Please use the message board to post relevant information, so all can benefit.

You may notice that these pages appear elementary in design. This site is the result of my first effort at constructing a web site. It
reflects my desire to have a simple, easy loading site, free of frames, animation and background music. My intent is to inform and assist
those interested in Sears Tractors, not to win awards and impress anyone with my HTML knowledge (none).  Plus, I seem to be the
only one in this world still using a dial-up modem, so I appreciate fast loading pages.

I use free services to provide my web hosting. Geocities, Photopoint, Homestead are all great places. The power of the Internet never
ceases to amaze me. Where else could a group of individuals be able to communicate in real time concerning their hobbies or interests.
Obscure information not available anywhere else is now brought to all of us in the comforts of our homes via search engines.

3/1/07 Wow, a lot has changed since I wrote all that stuff over seven years ago. My personal life got in the way of the site for a long
time, and when I looked closely I saw I'd have to reformat some stuff.  I do have a DSL modem now, plus a lot of the free 'net services
have gone away, replaced by commercial ventures. Anyway, I've reformatted the pages for higher resolutions and fixed many broken
links, but the original intent of the site remains. You'll see many of the images I've scanned over the years posted on other sites. It used
to anger me that my hard work was pilfered, but then I realized it was all for good in the end because more people will have access to
the information. Plus, all I was doing was making copies of the hard work that Sears produced years and years ago. So I was just as
guilty as the next guy. I've upped the font size on most of the pages because of the higher resolutions. I know that many of the readers
here have aging eyes that have a hard time reading the small type. The pictures are smaller too at the higher res, but I don't have access
to them anymore. Oh well. I hope you enjoy, and please send me any comments that you have.

1/15/10 Geocities is now defunct. I contemplated just letting this site fade into the past instead of moving over to Yahoo. The more I
thought about it, the more I realized that this site is history itself. It remains as I first put it together (with additions of course) over ten
years ago. I haven't gone to fancy drop boxes, flash, or other "new fangled gadgets" that are available now. Just as the tractors are old,
clunky and require a certain love and devotion to keep going, so be it with this site. The work required to reconnect all the links, iron out
all the wrinkles the move created when the
it took place, pales in comparison to the work I've put into this over the years. Although the
content of the site isn't unique anymore, I get a certain satisfaction knowing that myself and a few other dedicated individuals who
started "Clubs" or "Groups" on Yahoo have been able to provide previously obscure information to the masses. My only desire is that I
someday have the funding available to create a site free from blinking ads (which have gotten worse over the years).  Thanks to all who
come and visit! I hope you enjoy.

8/20/18 I'm still at it. I patch up things now and then that get messed up as the internet continues to move to a pay for everything model.
It's sad to go through the links section and see how frequently there are addresses that don't work anymore. I would love to have the
information from those sites so I could put it here. Contributions in the form of written, factual information are always welcome. I now
own this site name, or so I'm told, and I pay every three months to keep it all working. Information is still added here and there when I
get it. Several Suburbans are on my property and are used often. I'm in the process of repairing one that was long neglected. Facebook
has taken over as the primary means for transmission of information on the tractors. I belong to most of the Facebook Sears tractor
sites, incognito of course. I do get a sense of pride when this site is referenced as a source of information.  I thank all of you who
contribute information to this site and other Sears tractor sites. I still learn new things about the tractors all the time!
Vintage Sears Tractors
Mission Statement
The material on these pages is presented only as a means of educating and informing those individuals interested in Sears tractors. I
don't make any profit from anything listed on these pages.  I am not endorsing any product or advertising anything. The classified
section is provided for users to post items for sale, trade, wanted, or free. The classified section is simply a place for private individuals
to list items. I will not become involved in any disputes regarding sales. I assume no responsiblilty for the accuracy of any ad. As with
any transaction, be sure to protect yourself. Please post the conditions of the sale so there is no confusion. It is always helpful to include
your location in the ad.

This is not an official Sears site.
Click here to go to the official Sears site. Please do not call Sears with requests for information using
the catalog number listed in the old catalog images. All of these images are at least 20
or more years old. Sears will have no record of an
item under these old numbers. Using the old catalog numbers will do nothing but waste people's time and cause an inconvenience. Sears
maintains a great site that allows you to enter the model number of your tractor so you can view old microfiche images and order parts
that are still available.
Click here to go to Sears Parts Direct.

All written material posted on these pages and the message board reflects the opinion of the page owner, or private individuals who
contribute to the message board. Even though I strive to make all the data here as accurate as possible, I can assume no responsibility or
liability for any inaccuracies that may occur. Try to limit the messages on the Message Board to Sears tractors, or at least to Garden
Tractors or small engines. Obscene, grossly off topic, personally offensive or childish posts will be deleted from the board.
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