Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
The Hydro-Tracs were Sears Best  tractors. With the Sears Best designation came all of the goodies that the top of the line
tractors had: cigarette lighter, chrome hubcaps, and  wider tires. The ease of one lever operation that the early Suburbans had
was duplicated in these tractors. The tractors even had the speed selector on the right side of the dash---just like the old Bradley

These tractors were based on the Suburban line of tractors. They accepted all of the accessories listed in the Sears literature
with the exception of the front-end loader.
1968 Hydro-Trac 12    View 2                                

1968 Hydro-Trac 12                                     

1969 Hydro-Trac 12 Dash                            

1969 Hydro-Trac 12                                  

1970 Hydro-Trac 12   View 2   View 3             

1971 Hydro-Trac 14                                     

1978 Hydro 18    2   3   4                           
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917.25400     917.25500



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