Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
Attachment/Accessory Guide
3 Gang Mower:                                 Picture 1

3 Point Hitch:                                    Old style       New style

Adjustable Foot Plow:                        Picture 1

Cultivator:                                         Picture 1

Dozer Blade:                                      Picture 1

Drag Harrow:                                    Old style      New style

Dump Cart:                                       Old style 1    Old Style 2      New style

Estate Sprayer:                                   Picture 1

Flail Mower:                                      Picture 1

Front Counterweight:                         Picture 1

Front End Loader:                              Picture 1

Generator:                                         Old style      New style

Hay rake:                                           Picture 1

Hubcaps:                                           Picture 1

Landscaping Rake:                             Picture 1 (with gauge wheel)

Lawn Cleaner:                                    
Picture 1

Lawn Roller:                                       Picture 1              Tractor driven

Litter Whisk                                       Picture 1

Mid Mount Grader:                              Picture 1

Moldboard Plow:                                6"                 10"

Mower:                                             Original Suburban     Old Suburban    New Suburban Custom

Muffler (lo-tone):                               Picture 1

Planter:                                              Picture 1        Picture 2

Power Take-off:                                Old Style       New Style

Rear Blade:                                         Style 1         Style 2 (with gauge wheel)

Rear Weights                                     
Picture 1

Rotary Brush:                                     Picture 1

Rotospader:                                       Old style        New style

Scraper Scarafier:                               Picture 1

Self Powered Sweeper:                        Picture 1

Shredder:                                           Picture 1      Picture 2      Picture 3

Sicklebar Mower:                               Picture 1      Picture 2

Single Disk :                                      Picture 1

Snowblower:                                     Original Suburban     Suburban       Custom

Tandem Disk:                                     Picture 1

Tire Chains:                                       Picture 1

Tractor tote box:                                Picture 1

Tractor Jack:                                     Picture 1      Picture 2
Note that the images hosted on this site are intended to be
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of Sears tractors often are interested in what year their
tractor was manufactured. Also of interest to owners are
the color schemes and decals originally applied to the
tractors. It is the hope of the owner of this site that the
images may be of use to those interested in restoring their
tractors to their original condition or who are merely
curious as to when they were made. This site is strictly
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