Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
The year was 1977. Jimmy Carter became the President of the United States, the Son of Sam killer was active and Rumors by
Fleetwood Mac came out. The author was to graduate high school this fine year! The Sears tractor line-up was going through some
changes. The Custom series tractor was now gone forever. Replacing it were various tractors from Roper and The Murray Ohio Mfg.
Company. Looking back on the change from today's perspective, people such as me recognize this change as the beginning of the
"throw away age" where things were generally made cheaper and lighter.

Looking at this line-up, you have to wonder why there was such an overlap in the model offerings. Perhaps other years had more
models, but I just don't get why you would offer this many machines for sale in such a seemingly narrowly focused buyer group. Maybe
the Sears buyers were generating competition among their suppliers. Or maybe, like what seems to be a Sears tradition, some models
were carryover machines from the year before. Model year designations on Sears tractors have always seemed to be a bit blurry to
begin with.

The data on this page comes from the official Sears Merchandise List, Selling Information publication dated 12/22/76. I wish I had the
space here to publish the entire document, as it is a true gold mine of information. I didn't include the rear engine riders, but did include
the lawn tractors.  Sears classified the Garden Tractors as "mid power" and "High power." The older, Suburban style were the High
Power units.  
The 1977 Line-Up
Model:  917.25083

Craftsman 36" Front Engine Lawn Tractor

Source: Roper

3 Speed Transaxle, one reverse

36" Twin blade mowing deck

Engine: Tecumseh

Wheels: 15X6 front   18X9.5 rear

Steering: 4 to 1 ratio

64 1/4 long
48 wide (mower deflector)
36" high

Color: Red

Price: $799
Model:  502.25089   36" cut
      502.25084   42" cut
LT 10 Lawn Tractor

Source: Murray Ohio Mfg.

3 speed transaxle, one reverse

36" or 42" twin or triple blade mowing deck

Engine: Briggs and Stratton

Wheels: 15X6 front, 18X8.5" rear

59" long
50" wide with deflector (55" for 42" deck)
39" high

Color: Silver  13 ga frame material

Price: $799 and $899
Model:   502.25120

ST 8 Garden tractor

Source: Murray Ohio Mfg.

Peerless 2300 Transaxle 4 forward, one reverse

Engine: Briggs and Stratton vertical shaft

Wheels: 16X5.5 front, 22X7.50X12 rear

Steering: 5.3 to 1   81" inside turning radius :-)

Deck and attachments are separate

36" deck recommended because of low horsepower

Will not take 10" plow, sicklebar mower, tractor cab or
front end loader.

Color:  Silver

Price: $899
Model:  502.25130

ST 10 Garden Tractor

Source:  Murray Ohio Mfg.

Same specs as ST 8, but with 10 HP B&S and

42" mower deck recommended

10" turning plow recommended

Price: $999
Model:  917. 25140

10/6 Garden Tractor

Source:  Roper

Roper produced transaxle, 6 forward, 2 reverse gears

Engine: Briggs and Stratton 10 HP horizontal shaft

Wheels:  16X5.5 front and 23X8.50X12 rear

10 Gauge frame material

Non-solid state ignition

Attachments/deck extra. Will not handle sicklebar,
tractor cab, or front end loader.

5.75 to 1 steering ratio, 55" turning radius

Plastic drip tray under battery

7 quart gas tank

Price: $1199
Model:  917.25150

12/6 Garden Tractor

Source: Roper

Same as above except:

12 HP Tecumseh engine
Solid State Ignition

9 Gauge frame material

Price:  $1349
Model:  917.25160

14/6 Garden Tractor

Source: Roper

Same as above except:

14 HP Tecumseh OHV engine
Solid State Ignition

Price: $1449
Model:  917.25170

16/6 Garden Tractor

Source: Roper

Engine: Tecumseh 16HP Overhead valve

8 Gauge frame material

Steering ratio 5 to 1,    64" turning radius

3.5 gallon under-seat fuel tank

16 X 6.50 front and 23 X 9.50 X 12 rear wheels

Will handle all attachments sold by Sears.

Price: $1699
Model:  917.25180

16/6 Twin Garden Tractor

Source: Roper

Engine:  16 HP Onan Twin

All other specs the same as above.

Price:  $1899
Model:  917.25190

18/6 Garden Tractor

Source: Roper

Engine:  18 HP Onan Twin

Elapsed time meter in dash

16 X 6.50 front, 23 X 10.50 X 12

Price: $2099
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